LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Shares 7 Email Habits That Boost Email Productivity

Action Step #1;


Action Step: Use keyboard shortcut for “Mark as Unread.”

The keyboard shortcut for Gmail to “Mark as Unread” is holding Shift, then pressing u

The keyboard shortcut for Outlook to “Mark as Unread” is holding Ctrl, then pressing u.

The keyboard shortcut for Apple Mail to “Mark as Unread” is holding Commandand Shift, then pressing u.  

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Emailing is an integral part of today’s  business world.


Listening to best practices from highly successful people, that receive substantially more mails than the majority of workers, that also  manage to get more done in their work day than the rest of us, makes sense.


Do you know the #1 reason that people cite in deleting ‘cold’ emails?


Do you know what the accepted protocol is for CC/BCC recipients?


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