Leaving Your Job? What You Should Know About Benefits

Employment Related Benefits are a very important factor when you are planning on resigning, and even more so when you are caught unaware and are terminated, often times people forget to get the essential information needed to apply for Cobra, etc., in the heat of the moment. 


Before you leave your job, you will need to know what benefits you are eligible for. You are entitled to receive some benefits by law. Your employer may opt to provide additional benefits other than those mandated by state or federal law.

Ask about severance pay, accrued vacation, overtime and sick pay, pension benefits, and eligibility for unemployment insurance.


Request information on continuance of health and life insurance benefits.


If you have any questions on what is offered, check with your State Department of Labor for clarification.

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Benefits are often times one of the last things that people are thinking of when they are blindsided by a termination notice and even those people that plan on their exit for weeks at a time, occasionally forget to get their ducks in a row so that their family does not suffer from a lapse in insurance coverage, etc.


This is a terrific article that offers links to everything that you need to know,  in order to learn what you are entitled to, the easiest ways to file for unemployment, etc.