Leading in Lockdown: How to support your team while strengthening your business

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, both individuals and organizations have been going through trying times. Today, leaders are presented with new challenges as well as opportunities to strengthen their teams.

In 2020, with new norms emerging post-COVID-19, the world saw the rise of WFH culture. As with anything new, change is not so easy. New norms have added to the stress, affected team morale, and cohesion. Now, there are two major challenges for any leader, i.e. helping the team in making a smooth transition to the WFH model and taking care of their health and well being. So, if you are also facing this challenge, here’s are some tips using which you can support your team through a crisis.

Stay connected with your team

Interact with your team regularly to ensure that you establish ongoing communication where the team is updated on the company’s developments and their progress to keep them motivated and productive. A five-minute zoom call can keep your team focused and well-informed about their responsibilities.

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