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If you would like to be notified if we have a potential match for you, please consider adding your resume to our confidential database.

If you are interested in applying quickly, please click the SUBMIT or BUILD A RESUME button below to submit your resume directly into our portal. Once at the portal, you can choose to add, upload or paste your resume, and you can also fill out as many fields as you like in our Candidate Intake Form. This will allow you to clarify the types of opportunities you are most interested in hearing about. We even have an option to BUILD YOUR RESUME directly in the site, as well.

Rest assured that we never share your information with anyone without going over the position in-depth with you, and verifying that you are both a good match and interested in having the chance to interview.

Our policy is that we conduct all searches on a confidential basis, and do not share details with regards to company name until we have a viable candidate who appears to match the specs on the job search.

Once we do have a viable candidate with an up to date resume, we provide all the information that we have on the position, including company name, and then together with the candidate, decide if it makes sense to pursue the opportunity. Only at that point would we be sharing your resume with Client companies.

When we see a potential match for you, the recruiter will contact you directly and go over all the information of that specific job, and if you are indeed a good match and interested in the opportunity, at that time we will get you formally presented.

ISC endorses ResumeSpider for candidates that wish to utilize a resume service that will jump start their networking strategy by sending out their resume to a targeted group of companies. ResumeSpider is a leading resume distribution service that assists you by producing targeted leads then emailing your profile to matching ResumeSpider member companies. Member companies consist of human verified recruiting firms and direct hiring employers that are registered at ResumeSpider to receive resumes.

Every Career Seeker is matched to member companies based on their job functions, industries and geographic locations. This approach saves you countless hours of research time in creating a similar list.

In addition, ResumeSpider can add tremendous value to your networking strategy by getting access to the unadvertised jobs that many recruiting and staffing firms boast.

Furthermore, due to the increasing cost of job board access and advertising, many employers are turning to distribution services like ResumeSpider to receive targeted resumes; thus resulting in career specific access to relevant hiring contacts for you.