I’ve Worked In Banking, Recruiting, Software, And More. This Is The Advice I’d Give Anyone Who Wants To Change Careers

As a kid, I wanted to be a cop. And then an Air Force pilot.

But in high school, I discovered my love for business. My first taste was a program I enrolled in my junior and senior year. For half the day, I’d work at a local newspaper, handling the bookkeeping for the classifieds section.  


Many people my age were only in it for some cash—but right from the start, I was fascinated by the world of business. I wanted to learn everything I could and explore every facet of it. Since then, I’ve worked in banking, recruiting, and eventually software.

I focused on being a generalist, not a specialist.

Early in my career, people always told me to pick one trade and stick with it.  


But I didn’t listen, because the prospect of staying in one field forever just didn’t interest me. I deeply value consistent growth and learning and expect every professional experience to be meaningful and challenging. And with those requirements in mind, before taking a new position, I carefully considered how any given route might shape my career path.

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