Interviewing job candidates? Experience isn’t everything — here’s why

Though Einstein may have not actually said this, it is a valuable maxim. Not everyone is going to be good at everything, so we need to find the things we are good at and be judged by those metrics.

It seems obvious but we overlook it every day, especially in the hiring process. Not all questions or analyses are meaningful. Different roles require different skill sets. Different company cultures require different personalities. By not looking critically at how we evaluate candidates, we’re wasting our time and potentially burning a bridge with a strong potential employee.

As a leader, you’re looking to find the person who is the best fit, which requires looking at specific metrics that are relevant to your company and the specific role. If you’re judging a candidate on their statistical analysis abilities when they’re unlikely to even open a spreadsheet in their job, you’re not getting any useful information that would indicate their potential.

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