INSIGHT: Luxury Fashion in E-Commerce

In the world of online retail, there are numerous trends to keep an eye on. Some of them we’ve already mentioned on the Styla blog before: it’s a tight focus on selectively chosen KPIs, an increase in mobile users, the rise of social media, the growing popularity of shoppable content… There’s another trend, however, that is completely transforming the way people buy fashion online – the growing accessibility of luxury fashion across all consumer segments. Luxury is no longer exclusive to the super-rich. In fact, it is being rapidly democratised, and the very meaning of the word “luxury” is being re-defined as we speak.

Brief history of luxury fashion 

Back in the day, it was conventionally perceived that only lower and/or middle range products could be sold online. For a long while, when E-Commerce was already booming, high-fashion was staying out of it. There was a stubborn, pervasive belief that luxury shoppers, with their indulgent, flamboyant taste and weakness for high-priced goods, would never buy expensive things online. Instead, they’d opt for traditional brick-and-mortar stores, pursuing the tactile shopping experience and personalised customer service — something that the luxury shoppers were assumed to be always longing for.

This thinking has drastically changed in recent years.

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