Infographic; Key Traits of Successful Salespeople

After recruiting sales professionals for 25 years now, we have learned that beyond charisma and likability, there are very specific skills, as well as distinct characteristics that when combined, result in those unique individuals that excel in sales roles. When you look at someone that has consistently met and exceeded their yearly quotas, year after year, you can bet that they posses the skills and traits listed on this infographic.

While a winning personality and charismatic persona undoubtedly puts someone ahead of the game, many an individual that matches that description has been hired, which great expectations by the hiring manager, only to be eclipsed by someone that has invested the time and energy to hone their craft. Because while a winning personality certainly helps someone succeed in the art of selling, the fact is, there are many additional skills that go into being able to effectively sell a product or service.

  • TENACITY. Sales is a numbers game. Being able to truly embrace the fact that there will be a lot of rejection, and every NO does indeed bring you closer to a YES, is a mind set that many people do not possess.
  • EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Being able to LISTEN to a customers needs, and then deliver a solution is a learned skill.  Professional sales people need to be able to stay abreast of their products              and services and then effectively impart that knowledge to their customers.
  • APPEARING  TRUSTWORTHY. For many products and services, it is absolutely critical to success that the buyer believes that the salesperson is true to their word, and is a person of integrity. Services that               require this are Insurance, Financial Services, PEO Services, to name a few. If you are selling pens, the requirements of being seen as a person of integrity are neglible, but for the services aforementioned,                     someone that does not appear to be true to their word will never succeed. When recruiting sales people for these types of roles, we often say that the person that will do well in these types of selling                                 environments    are the ones that if your daughter ran out of gas on a dark road, these individuals are not only the ones that would stop, but most importantly, the ones that you would feel comfortable getting in         the car with them.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS. I have heard many a sales trainer say that people are either left brain or right brain orientated, and the most naturally gifted sales people often times have the worst organizational         skills. While that may be true, in today’s selling environment, it is essential to be able to stay organized so that you are aware of who you have reached out to when, and most importantly, when to follow-up.                 This is a prime example of a learned skill. Smart sales people acknowledge the amazing resources that are available these days that can allow them to reach out to substantially more prospects than sales people          did even 10 years ago, and understand how important it is to get a system in place so that you can be sure to follow up an appropriate number of times, with the right people, and conversely who to leave off your        contact list. Regardless of how talented a sales person may be, if they do not invest the time in learning good organizational skills, they will not be able to effectively compete with others that do take advantage of        the amazing technology available these days and harness those tools to their benefit.

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