Infographic; 6 Telltale Signs You Are Dealing With a Potential Bad Hire!

After talking in-depth with multiple  hiring managers over the years that have made bad hires, and conducting ‘autopsies’  on those situations, we have identified 6 clear-cut indicators that should make you think twice, prior to proceeding.

It is a fair assumption that while dating and interviewing, people will be on their absolute BEST behavior. 

Therefore, when someone shows these key behaviors early on in the process, it is a safe bet that things are only going to get worse.

While we readily  acknowledge that no one is perfect, and we all have a bad day, showing these particular behaviors early in the interview process has shown time and time again to forecast similar but exacerbated tendencies.

If a candidate is complaining at the onset over trivial issues, you can bet your bottom dollar that he will find other things to complain about further down the road.

Every team has their own unique culture. Obviously it takes a while before someone can be expected to  fully assimilate into the team. However, it is pretty easy to determine if you are looking for signs of cultural fit early in the interview process if your candidate has the potential to blend into the team.  Working well within an existing team is critical to success in many roles.

Keeping in mind that while bringing in candidates from different cultures typically serves to strengthen your team as a whole, the two things you want to make sure they match are work ethic and communication styles.

If you are interviewing someone that sticks out like a sore thumb, in terms of their messaging tone and value system, think twice before proceeding.

Depending on the role, the ramp-up period for a new hire can be expected to last anywhere from a few days to a few months.

The expectation should be that on a weekly if not daily basis, you can see steady signs of improvement, with the candidate becoming increasingly comfortable conducting tasks on their own.   

If your applicant requires extensive hand holding to the point that he is reluctant to work independently AFTER being given clear instructions, this may be a sign that he will constantly require extensive direction.

Many trainers say that being a ‘know-it-all” is the single most detrimental trait that keeps people from advancing in everything from learning new skills, to career advancement. 

Be sure to take note if your candidate is open to learning your teams proven methodologies. If he is resistant to learning a new way of doing something, consider this a major red flag. This is a tendency that is not easily overcome.

By being aware of these 6 distinct telltale tendencies, that have proven time and again to forecast unsuccessful hires, you can actively work to avoid making a hiring mistake.

Conduct Situational and Behavioral Interviews, and consider employing some of the amazing personality evaluating tools now available to enhance your hiring strategies.

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