Infographic; 10 Tips to Increase your YES rate!

In every executives heart of hearts, there is always a ‘Dream Team’;  a list of highly qualified individuals that he or she would love to have on their team.

One would assume that when introduced, those candidates and those hiring managers would be a match made in heaven, right?


Much to this recruiters chagrin, it doesn’t always work out like that. Because there are very different factors that go into identifying, approaching, interviewing, and landing a candidate if you indeed choose to extend an offer.

There is a monumental difference in the way a company needs to ‘court’ a “Passive Candidate”,  as opposed to an “Active Candidate”.  

Active candidates are actively looking. They may have their resume posted on one of the job boards, and may in fact be unemployed.

Passive candidates are not looking to make a change. They are focused on working & often times killing it at work, and only become aware of the opportunity when a recruiter reaches out to them.

How a company takes a passive candidate through their interview process is critically important to the outcome of the process.

It is truly a shame when a hiring manager targets a specific candidate, saying she would love to have that person on her team.

When the recruiter delivers, and while everything else matches in terms of comp, location, career path, literally everything, & the deal falls apart because of the glacially slow timing of the interview process, & lack of communication, it is just such a lost opportunity, on both sides.

In our experience, deals most often fall apart due to a Slow Interview Process  which is the #1 Deal Killer

Check out these 10 steps to increase your job offer to acceptance rate;

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