In Reality Mr. Spock Couldn’t Make the Simplest Decision

Mr. Spock:

Logic is only part of decision-making. The other part is feelings.

Mr. Spock wouldn’t be able to make a simple decision. 

Antonio Damasio studied a business person named Elliot who had a small brain tumor removed. During surgery the neurosurgeon accidentally cut the connection between the frontal lobe (center for thought) and the amygdala (center for emotions).

Elliot could think, but he couldn’t feel.

Damasio asked Elliot to pick a time for the next interview. Elliot explained the pros and cons of various times, but couldn’t choose. He didn’t have feelings/preferences.

You need feelings to make decisions.

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Let this FACT resonate a bit….


Only 30% of individual behavior is rational — the other 70% is emotional.


Fascinating insights into our we determine the best course of action.