If You Don’t Listen to Your Employees, Someone Else Will

The Conference Board’s C-Suite Challenge 2019 survey revealed that the top internal concern of global CEOs and executives isn’t disruptive technology or ever-evolving data privacy rules — it’s keeping good people.

As a business owner and CEO, I’m inclined to agree. Top talent is hard to find (especially in the current labor market), and it’s even harder to keep


Take the millennials portion of the workforce. Its members generally have different expectations of work than their predecessors.They demand rapid mobility and new experiences, and they frequently seek out companies that share their personal values.


Members of this cohort also know about and use a multitude of websites, recruiting services and apps to connect them with potential employers; and the gig economy gives them options for making ends meet until the right full-time opportunity shows up.


At the same time, heavily funded tech startups have transformed the way we live, work and play — further influencing employees’ expectations of work. Whereas in the past, a competitive salary and a good benefits package were enough to keep most workers satisfied, today’s top companies have raised the bar, offering unlimited vacation, catered lunches, nap pods and more.

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