I Look Pregnant. Do I Tell Interviewers I am Not?

Hi Ann,

I’m enjoying your helpful tips on the ExecuNet website. My situation is unusual and I am hoping for some expert advice. I was laid off in January when I was 37 weeks pregnant, and delivered my son just two weeks later. Obviously, this had drastic implications on my job search, as I have been severely sleep deprived and literally no time (or functioning brain) for phone interviews or effective job search. I am now four months postpartum and my baby is in daycare so I am starting my search.

My question is: As I am interviewing, how much do I reveal about why I have been unemployed for several months? I wonder if mentioning I have a new baby will harm my prospects. However, I have not lost the baby weight and still look pregnant, so if I don’t mention I already had the baby, they might assume they are interviewing a pregnant woman which might also harm my prospects. What do I do? Thanks!



The first of all, congratulations on your baby!! In answer to your question, your concerns are actually extremely common with new moms and really not unusual at all. I would share that you have taken the past few months off to bond with your new baby, and that you are now eager to get back into the workforce. No one would ever question the necessity for that, and quite frankly, knowing that you have had a baby and are eager to get back to work will overcome any subconscious concerns from someone that may be wondering if after you have a baby if you would be interested in returning to full time employment. Hold your head high, and clearly and concisely spell out how much you enjoy your career and how much you are looking forward to diving back into a fulfilling position.

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