How to Supercharge Your Sales Team

You feel like you have a rock-solid sales team in place. However, you also feel like they could be doing more. When sales have stalled or stagnated, good leaders don’t ask why the team is letting them down. They ask if they’re letting the team down. Can I do more to empower my sales team? Am I giving them the assets and sales team tools they need? What are we missing right now? To ensure you’re giving your team the very best, here are three things that you can do to supercharge your sales team and results.

Bring in Outside Help

Perhaps a fresh and trained perspective can help. There are specialized companies like 360 Leads that can come in and show you how to do more. They specialize in helping companies like yours find the gaps and the opportunities.

These specialists can take a deep dive into every aspect of your sales operations, from call shadowing and instructional support, to integrated sales lead generation campaigns and post-campaign follow-up.

Create More Targeted Content

What types of support materials does your team have? Do you have Bofu, Mofu and Tofu content for them? Or do you just have catchall content?

Your sales team needs collateral content to support their conversations with clients at various levels of the sales process. Sometimes they need a broad and “salesy” brochure to start conversations. Other times, they may need a detailed case study or white paper to close the deal with an educated client.

The first step could be to simply ask your sales team what they wish they had to close deals. Do the customers they speak to want to see fact sheets? Case studies? Is there a specific product or feature that should have an entire asset for itself? Make sure you have something to support them at every stage of the sales process. Many of these can be handled with sales team tools.

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