How to Stay Positive in Executive Job Search

Even in the best of times, job hunting can be daunting, challenging and stressful. It can can wreak havoc on your emotional state and self-esteem. Is a positive executive job search experience even possible for most people?

As I write this, we’ve been dealing with the pandemic for one year. Along with the many hardships we’ve all faced over the past year, if you’re job-hunting you’ve got that much more additional stress.

It’s difficult to keep a positive mindset when you’re job hunting because – unless you’re very lucky – you’ll face at least some rejections.

You’ll get your hopes up when you seem to be sailing through the interview process for a job you covet, only to learn they’ve chosen someone else . . . if you even do find out.

The drastic ups and downs can take a toll on even the most upbeat person, and may cause you to carry negativity with you, as you network and interview.

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