How to Request a Reference for a Job

HOW you ask for a job reference can be as important as WHO you select as a reference for a job.


You will want to select references who can portray your skills and qualifications in the best possible light. Also vital is to have a list of references who will respond to reference requests in a responsive and timely manner.


It’s often most convenient to send an email message to request a recommendation for a job.


Here are some easy to customize templates, telling you exactly what to say in your request.  

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Here is a terrific source, providing exact verbiage, spelling out HOW to ask someone to give you a professional reference.


In a perfect world, you will always conduct yourself in a professional manner, and will leave every job with as much professionalism and integrity that you start it with. 


Your goal should be to always be compiling a list of direct supervisors and co-workers, as well as the occasional client, who are willing to go on record to speak of your abilities. 


The best time to ask for a reference is when you are leaving a job. Asking them to write you a letter that you can use in the future is ideal.


This short article spells out the best way to make that request.