How to recruit successful sales teams as your business grows

When you’re a founder, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that the sales team you have in place early on will be the same team you need when your company is a billion-dollar enterprise. That simply isn’t the case. And while you won’t need a completely different team at every stage of growth — your team members should be able to expand their skills as the business grows — your requirements will change as you scale up. That’s why you always need to be looking ahead to the next phase to meet the needs of your business.


When you’re in the start-up phase, for example, you need a sales team of self-starters who are reliable and who will help set the tone of the culture you want to establish. Meanwhile, in the grow-up phase, you’ll need people who like creating processes and documenting what they’re building, who can listen and learn, and who enjoy working in small teams. Finally, once you reach the scale-up phase, you’ll want performers who love executing processes, are dependable, and can go out and get on with ready-made processes straight off the bat.


Let’s take a look at some recruiting best practices that you can use to ensure you always have the right sales talent in place as your company scales.

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