How To Recruit And Keep Top Talent

Each year, I talk to business owners and CFOs all over the country, and when I ask them what their biggest challenge is, the answer is almost always the same: How do I find and keep the best talent? Especially for businesses that are looking to scale operations but maintain the ethos and culture that got them to where they are today, answering that question can be particularly difficult.

Defining Your Culture

To scale effectively, you can’t just hire people based on their skillset. Whether someone can do the work should only be part of the equation. During the hiring process, it’s arguably more important to know that an applicant aligns with your company’s core values. Unfortunately, most businesses have not officially defined the culture or values that have made their business successful, and if they have, these values are often just represented in a flashy poster on their wall as opposed to actually informing everyday operations.

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