How to reach your careers goals in 2021

People who go to the gym several days each week typically dread the start of a new year. The wait times for exercise machines increase dramatically and the locker rooms are suddenly packed with people. Fortunately, for the regular gym-goers, the crowds tend to disappear by late-February.

The surge is thanks to the flood of people making resolutions to finally get in shape or get healthy. Most of those people likely make the promise to themselves that they’ll go to the gym each day. Yet, the novelty wears off after a couple of weeks and life somehow gets in the way.

What’s unfortunate is that getting healthy and getting in shape are perfectly good goals. The issue tends to be the benchmarks people set and how they try to achieve those goals. The phenomenon is not exclusive to health and fitness resolutions, however.

Millions of people set goals related to their careers at the start of the year only to give up on them after a few months.

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