How to Pull Off a Lunch Interview and Get the Job

Preparing for an interview is nerve-wracking enough, let alone when your potential employer suggests it over a meal. What should you order? How will the conversation go? And how can you highlight your strengths and accomplishments while trying to maneuver a mouthful of chicken Piccata?

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We never see offers to lunch for  first interviews. Lunch Interview invitations are typically only offered by the hiring manger when the skill set has been determined to be a fit, and now they are trying to assess the cultural fit.   


Lunch interviews present  a few different issues that other interview scenarios do not.


It’s smart to consider those factors  ahead of time, & plan accordingly, in order to maximize your face time with the hiring manager.


* Study the menu ahead of time so that you don’t waste valuable time deciding what to order. 


* Take into  consideration how difficult it will be to eat and speak, and choose wisely.


* Ideally eat something before you arrive so you are not ravenously hungry. Remember the goal of this meal is the opportunity to further showcase your skills, and see how well you get along with the interviewer.


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