How to Message Recruiters on LinkedIn the Right Way

When searching for a job, at some point you’ll need to contact the company you want to work for. And that may mean you need to message recruiters on LinkedIn.


This can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’re not used to doing it. However, using LinkedIn’s “InMail” service is actually easier than you might think.


In this article, we’ll explain how to message LinkedIn recruiters the right way—along with some do’s and don’ts for email etiquette as a whole.

Why You Should Message Recruiters on LinkedIn

While anxiety-inducing, the act of reaching out is beneficial in helping you narrow down your search. This is because it lets you decide which companies and positions you want to apply for. It also gives you a good idea on what skills you need to improve in order to advance.


Think of cold emailing like a crucial aspect of career research. Maybe you’re interested in applying for a particular job, just not right now, and you want to know the interpersonal skills that the company searches for in potential candidates.

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