How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Sales Process

You’ve established the various stages of your sales process. You know how the typical prospect goes from an email address in your CRM to a paying customer. You’ve trained your salespeople on the key actions required to move prospects from stage to stage.

Now you need to know if your sales process is working.

There are literally hundreds of ways to measure sales performance, which can make it tough to pick the right sales metrics. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward way to assess how effective your sales process is.

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We all know that sales is ultimately a numerically predictable endeavor.


The key to achieving sales success is to figuring out the metrics associated with your particular sales cycle, and then holding your sales team accountable for hitting the specific numbers needed to achieve your stated goals.


No one can be surprised if they do not hit their sales goals, if they failed to hit their numbers at the onset of the funnel.


The key is breaking down the numbers needed at each step of the process. How many initial calls does a sales person need to make in order to gain a face to face meeting? How many live meetings does it typically take to close a deal? 


This is a fantastic article that highlights very specifically how to measure your sales processes from the initial list of targets to the final step.