How To Maximise the Opportunities To Enable Diversity at Work

Diversity is not about your skin colour, heritage or age.  It is about the ability to embrace differences and accept ideas, people and things that don’t fit into your traditional way of thinking or behaving.  Maximising opportunities to enable diversity requires an open-minded approach to things. It can be acquired as any other skill as I discuss in an article on how to be a  more open-minded leader.

Benefits of Diversity

The benefits of a diverse workplace include an increased ability to solve problems, innovate, meet customer requirements and collaborate effectively.  For innovation and creativity thus to thrive in an organization, diversity is a useful tool.


Much like a tree requires new shoots to grow in order to stay alive, so too an organization needs new thinkers who challenge the status quo.


New brooms sweep clean for the simple reason that they are not yet indoctrinated into the existing culture.  A new team member sees things in a fresh way.  A diverse and open-minded workforce takes this new-broom phenomenon one step further.  An open-minded workforce introduces new thought patterns, tools, and skills to the workforce.


Diversity enables teams to see a problem from more unique perspectives, allowing a more complete, comprehensive, effective and creative solution to any problem.

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