How to make the candidate experience count

In today’s talent market, candidates hold all the cards. From increasing demands for very specific skill sets to new types of jobs emerging and a trend towards slower time to fill positions, today’s candidates can be incredibly selective about their next career moves compared to those just 10 years ago.

They wield significant power in recruitment and hiring, with more choices of companies, in almost any geography, and as such are choosing the employer, rather than the employer choosing them. For recruiting teams, this shift requires a change in mindset where they need to actively market the employer to prospective recruits, making employer branding an increasingly important part of any recruiting team.

With plenty of review sites and social media platform to share their experiences on, candidates, even unsuccessful ones, can give real-time feedback and have a huge impact on the employer brand.

Considering this, it is of utmost importance for companies to invest in measuring and managing the experiences of their candidates at every step of the hiring process. This intelligence not only helps companies improve their attraction, recruitment, and selection workflows but it provides great information on how to best retain great talent. In order to make the most of candidates’ experiences – both on the candidate and employer side – it’s important to take a few things into account.

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