How to make flexible working ‘work’for the banking and finance industry

There are many misconceptions about the concept of flexible working, particularly within the banking and finance industries. It can often be associated with working mothers, or as a means of reducing the hours in the working week, but this is not the case. In practice, flexible working is a modern and dynamic tool for empowering driven professionals to deliver upon their day-to-day responsibilities whilst managing busy lifestyles. Consequently, many businesses choose to refer to this practice as ‘dynamic working’ for this very reason. When implemented effectively, dynamic working boosts productivity, supports a healthy work-life balance, and contributes towards a high trust, high performance working culture.

This new way of working has emerged as a direct result of the shifting demands of the millennial generation within the workforce. For example, millennials are increasingly prioritising their mental health and how a job impacts this.Companies are now in a position where, in order to remain competitive in the market, they must respond to this shift and ensure their benefits package to potential employees reflects the wants and needs of a modern workforce. A failure to do so will likely result in being seen as out of touch and the best and brightest talent looking elsewhere.

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