How to improve the performance of your sales team members in 2020

Is it possible to find a business owner who doesn’t want to push up sales? No matter whether it is a small or prosperous company, everybody wants to sell more. But how to achieve that result? How to increase sales team performance? What techniques can be applied to sell more? Let’s have a look at this question in greater detail.


What Is Sales Performance?

This term means how effective the members of your sales team are when it comes to setting goals and achieving them. Sales revenue is the main factor that helps measure performance. However, there are some other metrics that can also influence this indicator, such as the amount of repeat business and time spent per client.

A service or product can’t sell itself (no matter how qualitative it is). That’s why your success is contingent on the professionalism of your sales team that requires at least one member who understands how to sell and knows for sure how to increase your revenue.

What Factors Affect Sales Performance?

If you are a revenue-based company, you need to do your best to drive sales performance. But first, you need to understand what particular factors influence sales performance indicators:

  • Sagging economy. A poor economy is probably the main reason that can cause a drop in sales. In such a scenario, business owners have no choice and are made to decrease the pricing policy until the situation changes for the better.
  • Bad individual performance. If the members of your sales team aren’t motivated, in all likelihood, the results will be poor.
  • Poor sales forecasting. Placing unrealistic expectations can lead to poor sales performance.
  • Incorrect sales pipeline. If the sales pipeline is too long and improperly organized, this also negatively influences the general sales performance.

What Are the Best Strategies That Can Improve Your Sales Team Performance?

Now, it is time to move on to discussing the most effective ways to improve sales performance. If you don’t use them, we recommend paying attention to these techniques. Thanks to them, you’ll finally understand how to improve your sales team’s performance.

Provide the right sales tools

Repetitive tasks take too much time. T make your teamwork more effective, you should choose the right sales tools that can improve their productivity and help them automate some processes.

The best thing that you can do for your team is finding the right CRM platform that can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on time-consuming and repetitive tasks. One of such tools is Nimble CRM: a powerful CRM platform that can automate a variety of processes and help your sales reps sell more.

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