How to hire top sales executives

Let’s start with a fact: lemons can’t sell. However, so many of us keep hiring them and, let’s be honest for a moment, we’ve all hired them at some point in the past! In fact, I would hazzard a guess that one or two of you reading this blog have a couple in your sales-force right now!

So, in this brief article, I will try and give you a guide to ‘lemons’ and cover:

  • why they appear,

  • how to ensure they don’t, and

  • what to do if you have already!

So, starting with point 3 first, what do you do if you have already hired a lemon? The most important point here is that you recognise poor sales performance and do something about it – immediately! The cost of a poor performing sales executives goes far beyond the missed targets, which is the side of under achievement you first see.

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