How to Get 10 Times the LinkedIn Connections in Just 10 Minutes a Day

The word is out. LinkedIn joins Instagram as, arguably, the hottest social media platform on the market right now. With the level of buzz the “New LinkedIn” has been receiving the past six months, savvy marketers and content creators have begun to revisit the platform (if they ever left).

On a personal note, when it comes to sales and relationship building, LinkedIn has been the top-performing channel for my own business in recent months, and second place isn’t even close.

Here are eight strategies that have been successful for me–and many others–when it comes to increasing high-quality LinkedIn connections quickly and for free. 

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Linked In is a proven way to generate leads that can ultimately  make you money, if used effectively. 


Leveraging Linked In to maximize revenues as quickly and effortlessly as possibly,  is the key to success.


Here are 8 super easy to implement tips that you can do in 10 fast minutes a day to dramatically increase your network.