How to Create an Exceptional Employer Brand on Par with Leading Global Companies


In today’s world, brands strive to stay relevant by connecting with consumers and continually improving their services.  But customers are not the only ones talking about your company.  Employees do as well.  Their voice is equally as important, if not more.

Social media is teaming with tales of woe, with employees sharing their experiences with draconian bosses and painting bleak pictures of cold  dungeons that serves as their work environment.

Most recently, a quick scroll will typically reveal which companies have treated their employees well during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We can all think of a few companies that gained additional ‘points’ for earning the reputation as a charitable, generous company to work for, and then we can all think of a few that treated their employees so unfairly, so disrespectfully, that the colossal loss of goodwill will potentially be hard to overcome.

Check out GlassDoor to see what people say about your company!

That is valuable information, and informed managers are the best managers.

People also talk about good experiences with employers.  Admittedly not as passionately as when they have something negative to share, but sharing work stories both positive as well as negative, is common across all social media platforms.

Smart companies therefore invest in consciously creating the type of reputation, or brand that will serve to attract both customers as well as potential employees.

Top talent makes career decisions from a perspective of a choice and not as an obligation.

Happier employees directly translates into happier customers. Companies can no longer afford to ignore their employees’ wishes and disengage if they want to not only survive, but thrive.

The good news is that relatively minor changes can provide big dividends.

Read on to learn about a few easy to implement strategies to create a company brand that people want to buy from, and work for.

Be Authentic!

You can’t limit your brand to just a slogan or logo. It is also the promises you make and deliver on.  Authenticity is key.  It is critically important that the principles you advertise manifest in your interactions.  Only declare an image that you can maintain.  Be true to yourself and everything will be much, much easier.

Be cognizant that your interactions with employees are in line with your organization’s core values.  Implementing this practice from the ground up, on a daily basis, will give you more credibility and ultimately create a reputation as a brand that delivers on its words.

Choose wisely in terms of what you say you stand for.

Stand for Something Good!

Have a dedicated section on your company website for your organization’s mission statement and core values.  Talk about company culture and what that feels like for employees at the company.

Keeping these aspects visible and at the forefront will also allow you to bring like minded individuals onboard.

As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe!

Keep in mind that you cannot brag about your company’s values and commitment to the community if your executive team is not walking that walk.

So focus on actually doing things that you can then brag about, and everything will fall into place.  

Have a Bigger Purpose!

Millennials and Gen Z are the workforces for tomorrow, and purpose is their driving force. They don’t just want to work for material benefits.  They wish to make an impact and contribute to the world.

Organizations that have a larger purpose, that profess to create a positive impact on the world and are not just focused on making money, will be the companies that top talent flocks to.

Find your passion.  Think beyond the box on doing good as a team.

Establishing your purpose today will set you up as the employer of choice for times to come.

Create a Video!

Make a video that highlights various members of your team.  Show a snippet of a rewards ceremony.  Have it show ‘a Day in the Life’ of perhaps someone working in a role that you consistently have to fill.  What an amazing marketing tool that can be, if you showcase an employee sailing through a day filled with rainbows and unicorns.  Ok, maybe not that extreme, but filming John waltzing into an office filled with smiles and warm donuts counts for more than you can ever guess.

Encourage existing employees to tell stories of their experiences at work, their journey, and progress.

Create a Hashtag and Reward Activity!

Regarding culture or branding, you want to SHOW people rather than TELLING people what you stand for.  You say you support the community?  Post a picture of your executive team volunteering with Habitats for Humanity.  These narratives help back your claims of the values you uphold and the culture you promise.

 As they say, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Assign someone in Marketing or HR and have creating a video a top priority. Once you have it polished to perfection, share it across social media as part of an on-going SEO media campaign to contribute and ultimately control your public imagine.

Invest in your Employees!

Research consistently shows that companies that invest in their workforce by offering additional training enjoy significantly lower attrition rates.  Offering opportunities for corporate as well as personal growth provide strong ROI’s in terms of increased retention, and higher productivity. Make no mistake about it, it pays off to invest in your employees. If you want your employees to give 100%, they must feel passion. There needs to be more to being a part of your organization than just a paycheck.

To become the employer of choice, you need to consistently offer training programs and invest in your employees’ continuous improvement.  All these efforts will pay off as employees apply their newfound knowledge to boost your company’s performance and increase employee satisfaction rates,  production and advocacy.

Celebrate Wins!

Make a VERY big deal out of high achievers. Reward performance by praising loudly, both within your organization, as well as outside of it.  Consider taking out a billboard, or making an announcement in an industry magazine. Top performers will flock to work someplace that will reward their efforts.  Not only will you give your superstar much appreciated praise, but you are also positioning yourself as a leader to be coveted.

Visionary leaders build exemplary employer brands and inspire their teams to action.  In current times of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to have an executive team that can adapt to change, and to be strategic in their leadership decisions.

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