How To Better Sell Yourself In A Sales Resume

Writing a resume can be an intimidating task, even for experienced professionals. It’s basically a self-advertisement that must be perfect and catch a recruiter’s eye within seconds. The pressure alone can make some people shy away from writing a resume and stay in a job that hasn’t challenged them for years. Check out some of the simple tips the best sales resume writers use to dramatically increase their chances of scheduling the first interview.

Stating the Obvious

Although it might seem obvious to anyone who has ever written a resume, spelling and grammar must be perfect. If it’s not, the recruiter may conclude the applicant is just a careless person. He or she may also question the applicant’s writing skills. While this skill is important in all jobs, it’s especially crucial for salespeople who frequently contact prospects and customers by email. A recruiter will quickly discard a poorly written resume for this reason. It’s a good idea to have someone else proofread the resume for typos, grammar, and spelling errors.


Avoid Sending a Generic Resume

Drafting, writing, and proofreading a resume takes a lot of time. However, that’s no reason for applicants to send the same resume for every job opening that interests them. A resume must be tailored to the position and the company before a recruiter will even read it. If it’s generic instead, it can send the message that the applicant has no interest in a specific job but will accept any job. It’s essential for applicants to demonstrate why they are a good fit for both the open position and the organization.


Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing a Resume for a Sales Job


Writing a resume for a sales job requires job seekers to include unique information. Below are two common mistakes for sales professionals to avoid if they want to receive a callback:


Failing to provide annual sales accomplishments: A recruiter for a sales position is looking for evidence that proves the applicant achieved specific accomplishments in a past sales role. For example, highlighting information such as percentage to quota, award received, and rankings will catch a recruiter’s eye far more than listing general job duties.

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