How to Attract & Retain Top Talent

Finding the right person for a job who can fit into your company’s culture and help your organization achieve its goals is both a challenge and an opportunity.  Making an employee want to stay in the company once you find the perfect fit is easy if the hiring and recruitment process is clearly thought through.

A smooth and well thought out hiring process is crucial for a company to survive and grow.  Without correctly assessing the needs of the company, as well as delving into the motivators and long range goals of potential candidates, the wrong candidate may end up being hired.  A dysfunctional recruitment process is one of the biggest reasons why companies lose out on the right kind of talent and suffer from high attrition resulting in wasted capital, time, and effort.

Here are a few things organizations should keep in mind while recruiting employees:

Broaden your Candidate Pool

Companies that simply rely on walk-in candidates and those that respond to ads are actually missing out on some of the best candidates in the job market.  Increase the size of your candidate pool  in order to find the best person suited for your company.  Reach out to professional headhunters and executive recruitment firms with a strong industry focus, to find the most well qualified candidates possible.  High-level and skilled candidates are generally not active on job boards, they need to be discovered by experienced recruiters.  Participate in university career fairs and get in touch with their placement offices to find exceptional new grads, and create an on-line presence to attract the attention of top performers within your industry.

Past Experience Counts

When looking for a candidate for a highly skilled role or a senior position, look for an individual who has experience with the same responsibilities, at a company with a similar corporate culture as your organization.  As they say, the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.  Matching applicants prior successes with the skills required in your role, as well as looking for people who have excelled in similar work environments, will give you the best chance of success.

Consider In-House Candidates

When looking to fill a vacancy, make sure to go through the list of possible promotions and lateral hiring opportunities from within the organization.  This is a great way to pick a candidate who is familiar and comfortable with your organization’s culture.   Offering a strong career path is an extremely attractive component when beckoning new talent, and it does wonders to the morale of your existing staff as well.



Pay Attention to your Reputation as an Employer

The best companies are the ones who are successful in attracting the strongest candidate pool and are also able to retain their staff.  If you’re known in the job market for your employee retention practices, work-life balance, rewards and benefits for motivation, and a strong focus on growth within the company, your current and future employees will stick around longer.  Being cognizant of how you communicate your decision to candidates who apply for roles within your firm who you do not choose is an important part of building your reputation.  It takes literally just minutes to send a thoughtful message, thanking them for their time invested in the interview process, and encourage them to apply back in the future.  Companies who do not give the professional courtesy of communicating their decision to applicants who do not make the final cut are short-sighted at best.  Every industry within a specific geographic area is relatively small, and people talk.  When a person thinks enough of your company to apply for a job, take the 3 minutes required to alert them when you have made a decision, and treat them with the same professional courtesy that you would appreciate if the roles were reversed.

Compensate Better Than Your Competition

You can’t expect to compensate your employees less  than your competitors  pay for similar roles, and still be able to attract and retain the best talent out there.  When employees are paid less than they could potentially be paid at a rival company, they feel unappreciated and are quick to abandon ship for the higher paying opportunity.  If company salary restrictions are an issue, there are other ways to complement pay such as bonuses, increased benefits, and additional PTO.  Don’t lose out on exceptional candidates by offering them less than their job is worth.

Develop a Working Relationship with an Experienced Recruiter

Executive Search firms are often the most reliable conduit for exceptional candidates.  Such firms have access to thousands of candidates and can help save you the hassle of going through hundreds of CVs before you find the right candidate.  Executive Recruiters with a strong industry focus can provide access to passive candidates.  Passive candidates are top performers who are not actively looking, but open to making a change for the right role.  Partnering with an experienced executive recruiter, who has invested the time in developing relationships with peak performers within your niche, provides multiple benefits.

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