How the Food Industry is Coping With COVID-19


The food industry is one of the most consistently profitable industries in the world.

Covid-19 has impacted all industries in one form or another, and the food industry is no exception.

In this post, ISC’s team of Food & Beverage Recruiters will touch upon some of the ways that the food industry has reacted to Covid-19 to keep supply chains consistent along with addressing safety concerns.

What measures have food and beverage companies taken to ensure the health of employees & customers?

Since the very first signs of the pandemic, food companies have been closely monitoring their production and delivery methodologies to look for areas of improvement. They have also readily embraced national and regional government guidelines.

Increased sterilization is at the forefront for food suppliers’ strategy. Employees are all required to wear masks, maintain social distancing guidelines, and wear other protective gear when dealing with food.

The workforce has also been divided into shifts to reduce overcrowding of the workplace. Employees who can complete their tasks remotely have been requested to work from home to reduce unnecessary exposure.

Increased demand for food with a long shelf life


Because of concerns that a lockdown will be imposed once again, demand for shelf stable foods has dramatically increased. The hoarding that came with the first wave of the coronavirus may strike again, making it challenging for food manufacturers to keep their supplies consistent.

Because foods with a long shelf-life are in such high demand, suppliers of lentils, rice, oatmeal, cereals, and canned foods have taken on more employees to keep up with the increased demand for these foods.

Hiring trends in the food industry

Increased focus on Operations & Safety personnel

Food companies have had to sharpen their focus toward closely monitoring the production and delivery processes due to COVID-19. The pandemic has reinforced the need for improved health and safety policies for both employees as well as consumers.  Operation & Safety leadership is tasked with looking for new and innovative ways to get the food from the farm to the table as safely and efficiently as possible.

Farmers market job opportunities

The demand for healthy, organic, and locally produced food has been on the rise. Farmers markets have sprung up all over the country, with people heavily relying on locally grown food instead of imported produce.

There are over 8000 farmers markets in the United States, contributing to the significant increase in job creation. Larger market organizations employ business analysts, managers, communication assistants, and business development executives to help the business grow and thrive.

Legal job opportunities in the food industry

WE have recently seen a dramatic increase in hiring for in-house legal counsel since COVID-19 hit, for obvious reasons. From factory farming to GMOs, there are many possible legal issues that may arise that companies want to be fully prepared for. Ideally, companies employee an in-house attorney not just address complaints but to actively work to make sure they are doing everything to the very best of their ability, with the goal being to avoid litigation.

Internal legal teams also help with creating warnings & disclaimers required to protect the company from future lawsuits.

E-commerce support

Prior to the pandemic, food and beverage ecommerce sales were expected to grow by an annual increase of  32%.     Due to COVID-19, people are now resorting to buying groceries and other essentials online. Therefore, numbers for ecommerce consumable sales are expected to skyrocket, far exceeding original estimates for growth.

The increased demand for on-line sales has resulted in food and beverage companies increasing their warehouse staff as well as the staff that manages their ecommerce site, including packaging, supply chain, marketing, and sales. Additional hiring needs include employees to handle inventory management, restocking, and updating the products available on the website.

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