How Should I Approach My Job Search After Relocating?

I am relocating and need a new job! How should I approach my job search in a new market?


Honestly, there is no difference in looking for a new job in a new city or your home town. You should still follow all the basic steps.


Invest the time and energy in crafting a resume that best reflects on your career experience. You only have one shot at a first impression, and the importance of a good resume cannot be overstated. Make sure your resume focuses on keywords, emphasizing all of your skill sets and experience. Focus on job accomplishments as opposed to job descriptions. I never think it is worth leaving out valuable information to keep a resume at one page, so if you have a 20+ year career, feel free to have your resume consist of two pages. Just remember that most recruiters spend roughly 30 seconds reviewing a resume because of the sheer volume of resumes we receive on a daily basis, so focus on making an impact on the first few paragraphs. There is a saying in marketing where they call the top half of a page, or resume for that matter, “prime real estate.” You want to make sure to grab the viewer’s attention on that top half because if someone is not liking what they are seeing “above the fold,” or prior to having to scroll down, chances are they will not.

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