How Sales Leaders Can Reclaim the Advantage in a Virtual World

Many of the sales leaders I’m talking with this summer are working on how to help their teams raise their games in the virtual world we’re living in. I’ve been collecting some best practice ideas that can help you and your team reclaim competitive advantage in a virtual world.

Back in June (remember that distant time two months ago?), the New York Times ran an article titled “What If Working from Home Goes on Forever?” that featured an industrial robotic vacuum cleaner salesman named Josh Harcus. Josh’s company makes and leases gigantic Roombas that scrub the carpets in airports and hotel hallways until they’re nice and clean. In the pre-COVID world, Josh spent 80% of his time on the road. The routine was to ship vacuum cleaners to the potential customer’s site, fly there, do a demo for 10 minutes or so and then lease a bunch of the machines to the customer. These days, Josh is doing six to eight customer meetings a day via Zoom as a video loop of his vacuums doing their work runs in his virtual background. He’s closing as many as six deals a day.

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