How recruiters review your resume: 5 tips to consider

When looking for a new and exciting job, the first thing everyone does is upgrading their resume.

It’s the first link that connects a recruiter with job applicants.

You spend hours to come up with the right professional phrases and keywords, listing all business events you joined in the last two years, describing numerous tasks you were in charge of with during your former job.

All the ideas are right there at the tip of your tongue, but there’s a pressure to find the most efficient way for a recruiter to see all your strong points.


How recruiters review your resume

The fact is that almost nobody knows what the recruiter does with your resume. Are they really reading all ten pages about your career? How much time do they spend on one CV? What’s the first thing they look at?

This is why it is time to step out of the darkness and observe the path your CV will take after you push the “send” button.

Creating the perfect resume is not hard, you just have to take into account the following steps. After you know exactly what is going on between a recruiter and your CV, you will understand what really is important about your resume.

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