How recruiters analyse your LinkedIn profile

According to the latest research from, 87% of recruiters out there use LinkedIn as a vetting source to narrow down the list of potential candidates they’re willing to consider during the hiring process.


The search engine for job advertisements says that if your profile isn’t painting a picture of what you’re about and how well you can get the job done, you could very well be missing out on the next best thing, without even knowing it.


Although there are no hard and fast guarantees that you’ll get hired if you follow this advice, there are a few things your LinkedIn profile has to contain in order to up the odds that you’ll get noticed by recruiters out there.


Here’s what will make recruiters reach out according to Adzuna:

An incomplete profile

Recruiters want to see your work experience, accomplishments, and your education featured on your LinkedIn profile. Having an incomplete profile can make it harder for them to determine whether or not you’re a match for the position they’re trying to fill. 



As with all social media accounts, a profile picture definitely makes the first impression, which is exactly why you need to put a little effort into it. Your profile picture should resemble something professional and be representative of the job market you’re in. The only thing a selfie or a picture of you on the beach will tell a recruiter is the fact that you’re not concerned about making yourself look more professional.

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