How Much Time Should Be Spent on Opportunities Where You Can’t Identify a Networking Contact?

Applying to C-suite positions online with no networking feels like an exercise in futility. How much time, if any, should be spent on opportunities where you can’t identify a networking contact?

I detect more than a small amount of despair in your query. Fret not weary job seeker! For I can tell you after recruiting for a quarter of a century, we have successfully placed hundreds if not thousands of candidates that were competing against applicants that had an “inside scoop.”

The reality is, while having a prior connection may well get you a better shot at obtaining the interview, once your foot is in the door, all things are more or less equal.

By implementing seven easy to do things on a regular basis, you can increase your chances of landing an interview without any pre-existing relationships.

1) Finding out about the opening in the first place. Create a list of your targeted companies, and sign up for job opening alerts on their website. Follow key players within the company, including Human Resources and internal recruiters on social media, particularly LinkedIn. Often times they will post job openings . Review ExecuNet on a consistent basis for any new job openings that peak your interest. Consider setting up Google Alerts as well for the types of roles you want to hear about.

2) Reach out to a recruiter that specializes in the industry. Smart executives understand the value in having relationships with good recruiters that specialize within their niche market. They invest the time in cultivating professional relationships by following them on LinkedIn, liking and commenting on their posts. They offer suggestions for potential candidates when they see job openings. When they hear of an opportunity that they want to pursue, it just takes a phone call to see if she already has a relationship with the company.

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