How Do You Recommend an Older Job Seeker (55+) Approach a Job Search?

How do you recommend an older job seeker (55+) approach a job search? What are the things specific to this group that needs to be done/kept in mind? What type of companies should they pursue, and how should they pursue them?

In addition to all the basics covered in previous posts, specifically for older candidates, I would encourage the following:

Become proficient in technology. Make sure that you are comfortable in basic computer functionality, and dependent on the job you are applying for, consider signing up for a local course to improve your computer skills.

It seems like once a month, we have an older, VP level candidate that passes on an interview because the hiring manager wants to Skype. Embracing technology and acknowledging that while there is nothing wrong with saying something is new, being resistant and adamantly refusing to be open to new concepts is what is ultimately the deal-killer.

Recognize that social media now provides previously unheard of ways to connect with potential hiring managers. Sign up for LinkedIn and create a profile that makes it easy for recruiters to find you. Search for hiring managers within your targeted companies, and then follow and interact with them. Do the same for Facebook and Twitter. By adding thoughtful, insightful commentary on their posts, you can get on someone’s radar like never before.

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