How Do I Make My Online Profile Discoverable?

“I have updated my profile but I haven’t been getting any calls/emails because of it? What might I be missing?”

Being cognizant that it is important that your online profile  needs to be discoverable is an important first step in creating a profile that not only reflects well on you as a candidate, but also gets noticed by people looking for your specific skill set.

There are two distinct areas on your LinkedIn profile that are crucial to ensure that you add keywords that will capture the attention of recruiters searching for someone with your background.

The first area is the header, or title. Right under your name, be sure to put your title and your industry. In addition to your current title, think in terms of what someone searching for you would use in terms of key words, and use those key words. Industry words as well as position words are smart to include here. There is a very limited number of letters you can use in this area so be sure to really give some thought as to what you include here and be sure to include the most valuable words possible to gain maximum value in this space.

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