How Do I Look for a New Job Without My Boss Knowing About It?

 I am a Director of Product Development and it doesn’t look like I will make the next step here, so I am looking to see what else is out there for me. My concern is I do not want anyone at my company to catch on that I am looking. How do I indicate on my LinkedIn profile and to my network that I am looking without it getting back to my boss and colleagues? I work with a lot of the people on my LinkedIn network so I feel like I can’t use LinkedIn to search when that’s the first place people go these days to look people up and to network for jobs.


How to actively search for alternate job opportunities without risking your current position is easily the most frequently asked question that we get queried with these days. The advent of all these incredible on-line portals allows people to job surf from the sanctity of their own desk, but also puts people in the precarious position of being identified by their current employer if they are not careful.


Here are some easy to implement suggestions to allow you to explore other job opportunities without jeopardizing your current employment.


1) BEFORE you have a direct need for their services, invest the time and energy in building relationships with recruiters who specialize in your industry. Like, comment and share their posts on LinkedIn, and offer to suggest potential candidates when you see recruiters doing a search. Help them and they will help you. If you are in position to hire people, use them to source your candidates.

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