How Do I Get Noticed by Professional Recruiters?

The average recruiter gets literally hundreds of resumes PER DAY for every ad posted. When a job offers a six-figure income, those figures jump to 1,000 applicants per day, per job.

So how do you stand out amongst all the other applicants, vying for these opportunities?

Read on to learn a few secrets from veteran recruiters.

The Secret of Key Word Matches

Today just about everything is automated, including job ads. When we post a job, we receive notices that say an applicant is an 88% match, 12% match, etc. Those percentages are strictly based on KEY WORD MATCHES.

Savvy applicants tweak their resumes on a job by job basis, being sure to match key words from the ad to their resume.

The way to most effectively do this is to look at the ads list of mandatory qualifications. Obviously, you need to have those skill sets in order to apply but making sure that you use the same terminology on your CV/resume as the mandatory requirements will dramatically increase your percentage of match.

Of course, there are ways to trick the system, and we all get occasionally get resumes from high school gym teachers that are applying for CEO roles, who have plugged in all the critical words into their resume, and all the bells and whistles go off, announcing a high match. But inevitably a live person will look at the resume and see what has happened. No one likes to be tricked and we all value our time, so the candidate is dismissed, and typically blocked from further submissions. So, the moral to that story is while it is extremely smart to use the same terminology as the ad you are applying to, honor everyone’s time and don’t make yourself out to be something you are not.

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