How Do I Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Prospective Manager

I have a job offer, but before I accept I’d like more information on the person I’d be working for to determine if we’re a good fit. I met him in the interview of course, but would like a more behind-the-scenes look before I make this big move. How can I make that happen?

This is a totally appropriate thing to request, and if you position your request properly, it can even enhance the way you are perceived.

As part of any interview prep, candidates should always check out the company on GlassDoor. This is a terrific website that offers current and former employees the chance to shine a light into the culture of various organizations. Keep in mind that there is no screening process in who is allowed to leave reviews on GlassDoor, so look at the information provided in general terms, paying close attention to trends and any troubling behavior that is mentioned multiple times.

When asking for the opportunity to spend one -on-one time in the office, coach your request by saying that you take this decision so seriously, and want to make sure that this is a role that you can reasonably stay in for quite some time, so you want to make sure that you give it your full consideration.

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