How COVID19 Affects the Vetting and Hiring of New Employees

Traditionally, background checks have been a way for both new and well-established businesses to ensure that they are hiring the most qualified and trustworthy candidates. Used in conjunction with an in-depth interview process, background checks allow hiring managers to feel that they know a candidate before they make a final hiring decision. This knowledge can steer employers away from candidates who don’t have the right qualifications or work style for the job or may pose a risk to the business. How does COVID19 influence the traditional vetting and hiring process?  

While COVID19 briefly stalled the economy and halted hiring at most organizations, that pause has not been permanent. According to Labor Department statistics, unemployment rates dipped from 14.7% in April to 7.9% in September, which means that many employers are either bringing back furloughed staff or hiring new people.  

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