How Covid-19 Changed the Way We Look at Hiring

The only way to win in a post-Covid-19 world is to relentlessly focus on creating the best team possible. This has always been important during periods of economic contraction and business uncertainty. The difference now is that the rewards and the risks have never been greater. Covid-19’s disruptions, a shortage of in-demand talent and millennial-led trends will force a permanent rethinking of how companies are structured. The organizations that can do more with less — by attracting better talent and better engaging them — will likely see massive productivity improvements when compared to the average company, where 60 percent of the company is not engaged or actively disengaged.

The most adaptive organizations are thinking about talent in the same way they think about their ideal customer. Companies spend significant time and money working to understand the customers they want to attract and finding ways to reach them. The best possible hire you can make today does not need your job, and they will not seek your company out to sell themselves. They expect to be sought out and sold.

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