How Can Former Entrepreneurs Get Back to a More Traditional Career Path?

I’ve been through a few hiring/recruiter processes, as I continue to run an independent strategic marketing and communications consultancy with an ever-growing client list. Recently, in mid-career, I earned an executive business master’s degree so that I might transition from sole proprietor consultant to senior staff of a company or professional organization known for innovation and sustainability.

I have previously held staff positions reporting to and shaping communications of nonprofit chief executives. How might I best make the case that I’m a self-aware entrepreneur ready to work on a bigger team who will be an asset at the C-level of an innovative company?

Statistics indicate that people 50+ are being funneled into the gig economy even after they’ve up-skilled for a career pivot. What further advice do you have on Why Can’t the Former Entrepreneur Land a C-level Job? Some former entrepreneurs want to progress on a more traditional career ladder.


Well, first of all congratulations on obtaining your master’s degree; that is just wonderful! The first step should be to reach out to current clients, and inquire if they have any needs for someone of your caliber on a full-time basis.


I would also follow the same tried and true steps that we always encourage anyone when attempting to look for a new role to follow: Invest the time in crafting a compelling resume and cover sheet. With your marketing background, that should be a snap. 

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