How Artificial Intelligence drives effective recruitment

Artificial intelligence (AI) has brought a revolution in many areas of our lives, including the realm of Human Resources. While HR is divided into many parts, recruiting has clearly benefited the most from artificial intelligence-based solutions.

AI, when applied correctly, has been instrumental in helping business sectors make faster, better hiring decisions, as well as increasing retention rates.

Let’s learn more about how artificial intelligence plays its role in effective recruitment strategies.

Talent Sourcing

When utilizing artificial intelligence effectively, it creates efficient processing such as sorting through resumes, deciphering/matching skills required for the particular role and overall selection of candidates moving forward in the selection process.

AI is also incredibly helpful when strategically searching professional social media sites, seeking specific academic information, and other qualifying sources to find the candidates with the unique skill sets that your company needs.
Most importantly, AI allows recruiters that invest in this technology the ability to cover a lot of very strategically targeted ground, very quickly.

Most importantly, AI allows recruiters that invest in this technology the ability to cover a lot of very strategically targeted ground, very quickly.

Candidate Engagement

While recruiting will always require a live human being to gauge many facets of a candidate’s long-term match with an opportunity, AI should still be harnessed to do some of the other things that executive recruiters are responsible for. This saves recruiters valuable time so they can prioritize high-value in-depth conversations with qualified candidates.

Otherwise, the recruiter may spend the bulk of her time perusing thousands of resumes that aren’t remotely a match for the role they are working to fill.

Artificial intelligence has automated the recruiting process to more quickly be able to target and deliver the exact right match for hiring mangers current hiring needs.

AI also provides a substantially higher quality candidate experience!

With the help of this technology, the candidates can now easily find information related to different stages of the recruitment process. Questions like ‘Did their application progress further?’ or ‘What date/time/location is their interview’ or ‘Who’s participating in the interview?’ can easily be answered through AI.

Live calls with recruiters are typically longer than the norm because the recruiter can focus more on those live calls and is not buried with the logistics of sorting through hundreds if not thousands of resumes.

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Quality of Hires

Artificial Intelligence can help narrow down the talent pool to the absolute best applicants available, very quickly. This makes the hiring process more targeted, and undoubtedly faster.

Organizations without AI receive hundreds of applications every day for a position, and the task of resume screening job often entails several full-time employees simply to go through all the resumes, looking for keyword matches, etc.

By utilizing AI , hiring teams can expedite the initial screening process saving valuable time, allowing the decision-makers to focus on the exact people that they desire.

If you are a proponent of working smart as well as hard, it will be worth the time investment to explore how AI can assist in your HR duties.

Another option is to partner with an executive recruiting team that invests in this amazing technology, so you can be assured that you are given the opportunity to interview the best of the best, for every opportunity!

Ann Zaslow-Rethaber is President of International Search Consultants. Since ISC’s inception in 1999, ISC has embraced cutting-edge technology to allow us to work very strategically in identifying and delivering top talent to our Client’s interview table.

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Sanserrae E. Frazier is a Human Capital professional with over past 17 years of industry experience. She is a passionate proponent of upscaling your workforce and improving the overall cultural competence within the workforce. She is also the CEO & Founder of SAIGE Consulting, LLC. You can connect with Sanseerrae via her LinkedIn page.