How any Manager can Increase Influence and Fuel Peak Performance

5 factors that increase influence and fuel peak performance:
Influence – not position, power, or pressure – fuels peak performance in your team. (Even remote workers.)

#1. Relationship:

Real relationship intensifies influence.

Who is more likely to give you their best? Someone you’ve been pushing and feels resistant toward you, or someone who believes you’re rowing the boat with them?

You don’t need relationship to tell people what to do. Authority enables bossing. Relationship empowers influence.

#2. Competence.

A person of competence has more influence than an incompetent.

What competencies do you bring?
In areas of weakness or incompetence, how might you rely on others?
How might you improve your ability to influence?
You’ve developed skills to get the job done, but what have you done to develop the skill of influence?

#3. Confession.

Pretenders, frauds, and fakes have little influence. But when you own a frailty or mistake you become trustworthy. (You acknowledge what others already know.)

#4. Compassion.

Call people to high standards with a heart of compassion.

Harshness only works when you’re in the room, but people take compassion home with them.

#5. Awareness.

Keep the strengths of each team member top of mind.

Weaknesses scream to be noticed, but influence expands when you acknowledge, respect, and develop strengths.

Record the top three strengths of every team member.
Discuss strengths during one-on-ones. How does your list jibe with their self-perceptions?
How might a person with their strength-set make the greatest contribution? (Answer this for everyone on the team.)

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