How AI Will Make Marketing More Personalized in 2018 | Marketing Insider Group

What’s tomorrow’s secret to better personalization? To more human content and more authentic brand-consumer relationships?

Artificial intelligence.

AI is making the customer experience more personalized than what most marketers would have ever thought to be possible. Companies are already using artificial intelligence to make their websites, emails, social media posts, video and other content better tailored to what customers want right now. This is going to re-energize the push towards higher customer expectations even more, leading to not just steps forward in the way brands interact with their customers, but leaps ahead.

How can you keep pace with this exponential change? Start adopting the AI methods that are relevant to your industry, and to your business, today.

To give you an idea of what’s on the table right now, here’s a look at the different ways artificial intelligence is set to ramp up personalization in 2018.

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