Holistic Hiring in Higher Education

Even as educators continue to debate the practicality and effectiveness of holistic college admissions processes, human resources experts agree that  factoring in the work place environment and matching that culture to potential candidates is imperative to making long term successful hires in higher education recruiting practices.  

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Study after study shows us that the vast majority of candidates that resign from new positions choose to leave not because of the job responsibilities in and of themselves, but because there is some type of disconnect between the personality of the employee to the overall work environment.Corporate Culture is in incredibly important factor in choosing candidates that not only have the required skill set, but who also will do well in your company’s unique environment. Just like there are people that strongly prefer inside sales to outside sales, and those who prefer extremely structured work  environments like IBM for instance as opposed to working in ‘start-ups’ there are many factors that come into play when making a good match. It is wise to be aware of those factors that make your company culture unique, and then actively  screen for candidates that thrive in that type of environment.