Healthcare Executive Recruiting

Recruiting Superior HEALTHCARE EXECUTIVES Just Got Easier

healthcare executive recruiter

Healthcare Executive Recruiter

Healthcare clients have been relying on International Search Consultants, a Health Executive Recruiter, to streamline and supercharge their management recruiting efforts since 1999.

As healthcare shifts from fee-for-service to a value-based model, the pool of qualified applicants is evaporating. At the same time, uncertain revenues and new payment parameters leave healthcare organizations searching for ways to cut costs and increase strategic efficiency.

Changing Dynamics in Healthcare Management

Forbes notes that as the healthcare business model changes “from fee-for-service to holistic wellness, patients increasingly (and properly) regard themselves as customers….That change in patient attitudes can turn personnel shortages into a competitive disadvantage.” At the same time, making an unsuitable hire in a critical position can be even more devastating. Entrusting a new leader – no matter how impressive his resume – whose approach, demeanor, or values clash with the existing culture and its team members has the potential to drain an organization’s morale, destabilize its structure, and derail its synergy.

Hospitals, Clinics, Teaching Universities, and Home Health Agencies tap International Search Consultants’ vast experience, state-of-the-art database, and proven track record for attracting, vetting, and preparing the best and most diverse candidates – including ‘passive’ professionals not actively seeking new employment opportunities.

Within our team of 15 experienced search consultants, we have veteran Healthcare recruiters that focus on specific positions, such as IT roles, Finance, Training, and Operations. We consistently hear from our clients that they love the fact that with ISC, we can truly handle any and ALL of their critical fill recruiting needs.

Your Partner through the Hiring Process

Healthcare organizations know that when they hire ISC, they are bringing onboard a partner throughout every step of the hiring process. We do all the heavy lifting, utilizing some amazing technology which allows us to very strategically target the skill sets that our clients require, and delivering those candidates to our clients interview table.

Your dedicated Healthcare Recruiting Team will meet with you to determine the requirements for the position you are seeking to fill. We pride ourselves at making solid matches, both in terms of mandatory qualifications, and also taking care to match the best candidates to a Clients corporate culture. We go beyond simply listing job requirements to really get to know the organization, its mission, and its values. Then, we put our experience and training to work for you. We filter all applicants through our finely tuned screening process, analyzing their education, and experience, and also their dedication, work ethic, problem-solving abilities and “soft” skills. Only those whose character and aptitude indicate they will thrive in your organization’s culture, niche, and market strategy pass through our meticulous screening regimen.

Our Analytical Approach

One of ISC’s greatest benefits is partnering with our clients to help analyze your current workforce’s strengths and areas in which our recruiting efforts can create real strategic advantage by bringing in new blood that complements your staff’s existing skills sets, leverages its strengths, and reinforces areas that a new hire can supplement. We encourage our clients to actively assess your ‘bench strength’ and then strategizing with us to ‘Top-Grade’ your management team by having access to high performing professionals within the Healthcare arena.

ISC knows that in today’s dynamic environment, filling healthcare executive and management vacancies quickly and effectively is as challenging as it is crucial to an organization’s success. We deliver the key people healthcare organizations must have in order to flourish.

Put Us to Work for You!

ISC’s veteran Healthcare executive search consultants are standing by to help you develop metrics for evaluating applicants for your current and future openings. Your dedicated Healthcare Recruiting Team will customize a healthcare executive search strategy and schedule to attract the best candidates. The sooner we get started, the quicker we can start sending top-performing professionals your way.

We invite you to call on International Search Consultants today for ALL your healthcare management professional needs.

We continually fill these Healthcare Executive roles on a nationwide, as well as a global basis:

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Medical Director
  • Chief Nursing Executive
  • VP of Healthcare Services
  • VP of Hospital Administration
  • VP of Human Resources
  • VP of Finance
  • VP of Sales
  • VP of Marketing
  • Director of Behavioral Health
  • Director of Benefits
  • Director of Compensation
  • Director of Surgical Services
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Program Management
  • Director of Nursing
  • Director of HR
  • HR Manager
  • Case Managers
  • Sr. HR Analyst